Why 'Muster'?

Why 'Muster'?

muster ˈmʌstə/

verb 1. assemble members (troops), especially for inspection or in preparation for battle.

We thought for a long time about naming the mobile application we’d designed to help tabletop gamers get more out of their hobby and explore their local areas.

It’s difficult to name something you’ve been so close to for so long, and hard to appreciate what other peoples impressions may be.

Muster, to me, evoked the chapter in The Lord of Rings when Théoden dispatches emissaries to ‘muster’ the Riders of Rohan for war in the East.

But really it just means ‘to bring something together’; courage, people, horsemen, whatever.

That’s why it’s so suited to our project.

‘Muster’ some allies to do more of the tabletop gaming that you love!

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