Muster Dispatch: Manipulate®

Muster Dispatch: Manipulate®

We had the pleasure of attending the launch event for Josh Smith and Henry Piechoczek’s debut title, Manipulate.

In our play test I seized an enormous swathe of London’s technological ventures; only to have my empire swept out from under my feet.

I watched as my power and influence dwindled, and resorted finally to smearing my rivals name; exposing a shady second family with his sister-in-law did the trick… we all have skeletons in our closet!

Manipulate uses some unique player incentives, alongside robust mechanics to tell a genuinely interesting story every game.

Rise too quickly, and your ventures and profile become a target for every other player; lag behind and you may not be able to catch up in the 8 game turns recommended for regular play.

Dealing is encouraged, and a part of the game that can take many forms. Negotiating over buying partnerships, opportunities and favours smooths out the luck-of-the-draw aspect that determine the return on ventures.

All in all, we’re keen to play more Manipulate, which is a great sign. It feels like it’ll have real staying power at hard-core throw downs, and casual board game nights alike.

Manipulate is funding this very moment on Kickstarter and we’d urge you to take a closer look at their story, as well as their fantastic trailer.

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