Muster Dispatch: Unlucky Frog Gaming Podcast

Muster Dispatch: Unlucky Frog Gaming Podcast

I sat down, electronically, with Ben from Unlucky Frog Gaming to talk about tabletop gaming, creation, conventions, the nature of competition and plenty more…

Unlucky Frog pursue unlikely conversations about gaming, as well as meeting with creators and developers to bring you reviews.

I was drawn to the idea of speaking about something that often get’s overlooked in the industry; the reasons we’re all involved and what we hope to get out of it.

Much of the conversation revolved around ‘Muster’, how it’s being developed and why; but we also delved into the problems and experiences that made ‘Muster’ viable.

I’d love for all our followers, and anyone else who is interested in the society of gaming, to take a listen here.

Luke @ Muster

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