What does Monopoly: Fortnite say about tabletop gaming?

What does Monopoly: Fortnite say about tabletop gaming?

‘Fortnite’ has taken the video gaming scene by storm, literally.

The game has achieved almost universal appeal and is a worldwide sensation. Not without its critics, the adoption of the Battle Royale play style, the lurid cosmetics, relatively youth friendly mechanics and supposedly addictive replay-ability is testament to a game well designed!

Families everywhere are now struggling to tear children away from 8 hours sessions, for them to shower and do some homework! Fortnite doesn’t stand alone as a title that’s monopolised the time of young people globally, but it seems to be on a trajectory towards being one of the most culturally dominant games of our time. This is worth our attention; especially as…

It’s getting a tabletop counterpart; developed under Hasbro’s Monopoly brand, and keeping to some of the classic games aspects.

Gameplay and design aside; we think that the tabletop version of ‘Fortnite’ is a sign that tabletop gaming is seen in the mainstream and by corporations in both ours, and the video gaming sector, as a tonic to the toxic effects of isolated video gaming.

We’ve known for a long time that tabletop gaming is seen as wholesome and good; a social, engaging, physical, interesting experience. But increasingly the crises of online and virtual media absorption are hitting the mainstream news alongside mentions of board game cafés, Kick Starters, new games and events.

We’re interested to see this trend develop!

Luke @Muster

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