Muster Dispatch: How similar are ‘tabletop gamers’?

Muster Dispatch: How similar are ‘tabletop gamers’?

When we started ‘Muster’ we asked a handful of simple questions;

What problems to ‘tabletop’ gamers face? What do all ‘tabletop gamers’ want? How can we give it to them?

We made some simple assumptions too.

That our users would work out for themselves what type of ‘tabletop gamer’ they are; and how ‘Muster’ could be most useful for them. Unfortunately we haven’t made this easy enough.

As we’ve learned more about the industry, community and technology at our disposal it has become clear that the solution should start simple.

But what is this simple stage? A directory or local gaming events, a searchable map of local players, a list, a simple hosting tool?

These questions beg a larger one, and perhaps the most important one facing ‘Muster’ as we move beyond our beta phase: How similar are ‘tabletop gamers’?

Does the solution, and tool that works best for Friday Night Board Gamers also suit the Shadespire Tournament goer, the Dungeons & Dragons Pro GM and the Magic: The Gathering Die-hard Pre-releaser?

We’ll get back to you with the answers.


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