Your privacy at a glance

Welcome! We are Muster, also known as Warr Studios Ltd, and we’ve created a summary of our data and privacy policy below.

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These are the types of data we collect:

Contact details
Location information
Data that identifies your Games and Sessions
Data on how often and where you use Muster

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This is how we use your data:

To keep Muster running
To improve the functionality of Muster
To provide personalised user support
To send marketing messages about Games and Sessions related to you

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These are your rights to this information:

Access the information we hold or process related to you
Request this information be deleted or passed on to someone else
Be totally forgotten by Muster and our systems
To access your data in order to complain about Muster

Please contact us on with any questions or requests about the information above. We are more than happy to help!

Terms of Use